Barichara View - Santander - Colombia
Barichara View – Santander – Colombia


The department of Santander is an area rich in nature, with landscapes of fertile plains, mountains and valleys, caves and rivers… Santander is an adventure and extreme sports paradise.
Nearby, the village of Barichara is a beautiful representation of the colonial era, as is the small town of Giron near Bucaramanga.

Barichara is surely the most beautiful village of Colombia. It is perched beside the canyon of the Suarez River with an awesome view of the region, with perfect weather all year round. Its legacy and architecture all in stone make Barichara a unique and charming village. Barichara is also an inspiration for talented artists, who open their workshops to anyone who wants to take a magical and unforgettable souvenir of this region and its creative population. During a walking tour, we can discover the workshops of artisans who are famous around, especially stonemasons and vegetable fiber artisans. You will also discover factories producing handmade cigars, churches (the Immaculate Conception on the main square, the Santa Barbara Chapel to the north) and the cemetery carved in local stone. You can stop at the viewpoint of the Suarez canyon and admire the sunset from this point. The royal path of colonization will take you to the small colonial village called Guane. A 9km trail will take you to this small and magical village, where time seems to have stopped centuries ago. Once in Guane, visit the archaeological and paleontological museum. Other old paths can also Take you to the village of Cabrera or the Chichamocha Canyon. Barichara tends to be quiet during the week and busier on weekends. The village is particularly well lit at night, which makes evening walks very pleasant to take.

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